HEAL 22: Behavioral Health

About the HEAL 22 Program

The New York eHealth Collaborative (NYeC) Regional Extension Center has launched a new program targeting behavioral health providers, seeking to improve clinical outcomes for the seriously and persistently mentally ill. The HEAL 22 program is working to establish seamless exchange of health information within and across Health Homes providers to achieve integrated care and improve health outcomes for this vulnerable population. In addition, HEAL 22 will support pediatric providers of behavioral health services who are not yet participating in the Health Home program. These pediatric providers are under-resourced and require significant HIT adoption services.

The NYeC REC and its New York City counterpart, NYC REACH, will provide technical assistance and EHR adoption support to mental health/behavioral health providers participating in Medicaid Health Homes and pediatric providers of behavioral health services.

For organizations providing behavioral health services to adults, participation in a Medicaid Health Home is required. For organizations providing behavioral health services to children, participation in a Health Home is not required. For both adult and childrens’ providers the following mental health/behavioral health practitioners are eligible for technical assistance through HEAL 22.

  • Case Managers, ICM, TCM, CASAC
  • Social Workers, Psychologists, Nurses (RN and LPN), Rehabilitation Counselors, other Therapists
  • Psychiatrists, Physicians, Nurse Practitioners, Physician Assistants

Technical Assistance Services
Providers within Medicaid Health Homes that may not have qualified for prior Meaningful Use incentives were unlikely to have received federally subsidized technical assistance through a REC. Under HEAL 22, these providers may now receive technical assistance from RECs. In addition all pediatric providers of behavioral health services can be supported.

  • Selection & Implementation: Assistance in selecting and implementing BH/MH EHR software with HIE capabilities.
  • Support Services: Workflow analysis and redesign, project management, staff training, ePrescribing.
  • Connectivity: Exchange of health information from EHR, care coordination documents, and/or patient care plans
  • Access, Training, and Guidance: Closed loop laboratory ordering and reporting, subscribe/notify training by the RHIO, OMH PSYCKES system enrollment, PNP data access (NYS Bureau of Narcotic Controlled Substance Database)
  • Consent Management: Training on consent process and privacy/security

Phases of Achievement
NYeC and NYC REACH will certify milestone achievement per eligible provider. Supporting documentation will be required of the providers to demonstrate achievement of each of the three phases:

  1. Provider/practice site, signs participation agreement with the NYeC or NYC REACH
  2. Successful “go live” of behavioral health EHR
  3. Demonstrate use of HIT/HIE functions for Health Home

Contact your Regional Extension Center to Enroll

For areas outside New York City: For areas within New York City:
Tom Uttaro
Sophy Yem


List of Electronic Heath Solutions for Behavioral Health Providers
NYC REACH evaluated these EHR/BH solutions in the last quarter of 2011. Updates to the list and information are in process. Each solution either meets or exceeds the minimum requirements for use by Behavioral Health Providers.
HEAL 22 Summary Statement
HEAL 22 Slides – November 19 Health Home EHR Webinar
Heal 22 Q&A

Training Videos
HEAL 22 PSYCKES Training for Program Participants
HEAL 22 Health Home Consent Management Training