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Request for Proposals: New York State Healthcare Provider and Organization Master List and Analysis
RFP Release Date: January 16, 2015
Proposals Due: January 30, 2015 (11:59pm EDT)
Email all Correspondence to: rfpcontact@nyehealth.org

Please note that the deadline for the RFP titled “ New York State Healthcare Provider and Organization Master List and Analysis” is extended to Friday January 30, 2015 to allow more time for proposal development and submission.

We are requesting a Letter of Intent to submit a proposal due by Monday January 26, 2015.

Please also note that one of the key deliverables listed in the description section as part of sections 1 and 2, namely the denominator for all healthcare providers in New York State must be completed by February 16, 2015 so please keep this in mind when writing your proposals.

NYeC is requesting proposals for three specific outputs, which should be delivered consecutively (with #1 being the first priority):

  1. Prepare a “master list” of all New York State healthcare providers and their corresponding healthcare organizations in New York State. This list will be the result of comparing and drawing from the best data among a disparate group of datasets NYeC is acquiring from external data vendors and other publicly available resources. This master list of physicians will be used to measure adoption across RHIOs on a regular basis and will eventually also be used for allocating funding across the RHIOs.

  3. Recommend and/or aggregate the denominators for the key metrics in the Monthly RHIO Dashboard. Denominators are needed on a total statewide as well as RHIO basis. These metrics include various types of healthcare participant organizations and types of users of the RHIOs. In some cases, there may be a dataset which is sufficient to stand alone. In other cases, the consultant will need to draw on a mix of datasets to create the denominator. The consultant will need to develop a familiarity with each data set so as to create a “normalized” data set by cross-comparing them and identifying which is most comprehensive and reliable.

  5. Provide a recommendation of additional market analyses that could be done using all datasets in hand, as well as recommendations for additional datasets that could be beneficial for the organization. This recommendation should be accompanied by a rationale for purchase and types of analyses that can be generated from each dataset. The consultant selected will be required to evaluate the usefulness and reliability of each data source based of NYeC’s analytical needs.

New York State Healthcare Provider and Organization Master List and Analysis RFP

RFP Provider Dataset Project Bidders Call FAQ

Request for Proposals: New York State Practice Transformation Network (PTN) – Technical Assistance
RFP Release Date: January 13, 2015
Proposals Due: January 20, 2015 (11:59pm EDT)
Email all Correspondence to: NYSPTNinfo@nyehealth.org

New York eHealth Collaborative (NYeC), along with Finger Lakes Health Systems Agency (FLHSA) and a strong coalition of state wide entities is proud to announce the intent to form the New York State Practice Transformation Network (NYS PTN).

The NYS PTN is being formed in support of the CMS TCPI Transforming Clinical Practice Initiative Grant with the following aims:

  • Improve health outcomes and reduce unnecessary hospitalizations for 5 million Medicare, Medicaid, and CHIP beneficiaries and other patients.
  • Generate $1 to $4 billion in savings to the federal government and commercial payers.
  • Sustain efficient care delivery by reducing unnecessary testing and procedures by moving at least 75% of clinicians that complete the TCPI phases of transformation to participate in incentive programs and practice models that reward value.
  • Generate savings to the federal government over a period of 4 years through reduced Medicare, Medicaid, and CHIP expenditures.
  • Build practice transformation evidence base so effective solutions can be scaled.

We are releasing an RFP for organizations interested in performing technical assistance (TA) for practice transformation. The RFP is open to all qualified applicants for engagement throughout New York State. These technical assistance (TA) organizations will assist in transforming practices and committing to meet quantifiable outcomes and achieve the NYS PTN application goals.

Please refer to the following documents in support of this RFP.