For Healthcare Providers

Joining the SHIN-NY

The SHIN-NY is a secure network for sharing clinical patient data across New York State via Regional Health Information Organizations (RHIOs). The SHIN-NY is coordinated by NYeC in conjunction with the New York State Department of Health, and the state’s 11 RHIOs.

Currently, the two main capabilities of the SHIN-NY are Direct Messaging and Patient Record Look-Up. Direct Messaging functions like a highly secure email, giving clinicians the ability to seamlessly exchange authenticated, encrypted clinical data with one another. Patient Record Look-Up is comparable to a highly secure search engine, allowing healthcare providers to retrieve individual patient records from across the network once they receive patient consent.

A network is only as good as the quality and quantity of its information, so as more healthcare providers sign on and begin sharing clinical data, the better the results available to all.

It’s time to connect the state.

In order for you to connect to the SHIN-NY, it is necessary to join a RHIO.
Get connected.