Legislation & Policies

New York State Policies

EHR Requirements Document V2.2
This document summarizes the EHR (Electronic Health Record) functional requirements determined by the Statewide Collaboration Process (SCP). The participants include all recipients of grant funding under Phase 5 of the Healthcare Efficiency and Affordability Law for New Yorkers (HEAL-NY), and other interested stakeholders in the health care system of New York State.

QE Privacy and Security Policies and Procedures V3.0
This document sets forth Version 3.0 of the Policies and Procedures governing interoperable health information exchange via the Statewide Health Information Network for New York (“SHIN-NY“), facilitated by QEs in New York State.

Barriers to the Exchange of Pediatric Health Information

This paper seeks to describe current laws that protect minors consenting to their own care, the barriers to exchanging health information for patients under 18, an interim solution reached by New York State, and ideas developed by a “Tiger Team” of experts to come to a more effective solution.

Standardized Consumer Consent Policies White Paper
This document sets forth recommended policies and guidelines governing consumer consent and other safeguards relating to the exchange of personal health information in an electronic, interconnected health care environment.

Vendor Contract Requirements
The purpose of this document is to set forth the terms and conditions that must be included in contracts between RHIOs, CHITAs, PCMHs, and other organizations that receive funding under NYS-funded Health IT programs and their technology vendors to ensure that any software or services provided by those vendors complies with the Statewide Policy Guidance and aligns with the federal regulations on Meaningful Use and certified EHR technology.

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