What We Do

For patients and healthcare providers alike, NYeC strives to be New York State’s public resource for health information technology (health IT).

One of the most significant advances in health IT is the shift away from paper records, the ones often found in filing cabinets at a medical office. It was once almost impossible to imagine having access to all the information about a patient with just a few clicks of a mouse. But today, secure, private electronic health records (EHRs) are becoming standard practice, and New York State is taking a leading role in the nation.

At NYeC, we work to facilitate this transition for healthcare providers across the state and beyond. We also work to make it possible for providers to securely exchange these records in situations where patients require more complex treatment and multiple providers.

NYeC works to educate the healthcare industry and those in need of treatment, with a goal of elevating the level of general understanding as to how health IT can improve care.

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