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What is the NY State Health Home Initiative?

The Health Home is a Medicaid sponsored model of service delivery that expands on the traditional medical home model. The Health Home builds linkages to other community and social supports, enhancing coordination of medical and behavioral healthcare, with the main focus on the needs of patients with multiple chronic illnesses. Health Homes are responsible for assuring that their members receive all necessary services, including medical, mental health, behavioral, social services (such as housing, transportation to and from medical appointments), and long term care, if required.

Development of health information technology (HIT) solutions can facilitate the complex coordination of care across all involved healthcare providers.

Interesting Facts about the Medicaid Health Home Initiative:


  • Governor Cuomo’s vision for Medicaid reform includes implementation of three key recommendations, one of which is Care Management for All.
  • Expansion of Care Management in NY State includes enrollment of almost the entire Medicaid population within the next three years in some type of care management program, beginning with special populations.
  •  There are more than 5 million Medicaid members in NY State, and of that population, at least 975,000 meet the federal criteria for participation in Health Homes.
  • NY State Health Home program implementation is a phased in approach. The Phase I implementation includes 10 counties, and began February 1, 2012. Phase II will include 13 counties, and is scheduled to begin April 2012. Phase III will include 39 counties, and will begin implementation in July 2012.
  • Health Homes are not just NY-specific—the model is being implemented throughout the country.


Who Makes Up The Health Homes in NY State?

Sixty-one (61) Health Homes were designated in November, 2011 as Phase I implementations. These serve 10 NY State counties: Bronx, Brooklyn, Long Island/Nassau, Schenectady, Clinton, Essex, Franklin, Hamilton, Warren, and Washington.

View the full list of Phase I Health Homes.

Managed Care Plans Involved:

Managed Care Plans in the regions will contract through the Phase I designated Health Homes noted above to provide members access to Health Home services.