What We Do

Developing the Patient Portal

In addition to giving providers the life-saving information they need to care for their patients, it is important that we also give patients access to their own healthcare data. Coupled with the need for consent management and access audit reporting, the development of a statewide patient portal is a necessary step towards empowering patients and allowing them to take an active role in managing their health.

NYeC launched this project on January 15, 2013, in partnership with leading health technology catalyst Health 2.0, by announcing the Patient Portal for New Yorkers Design Challenge, with $25,000 in prizes. The challenge invited designers and developers to submit prototypes for the portal—essentially a website for patients to access their medical records online. The top portal interface designs were chosen, publicized, and voted upon by New Yorkers after the April 11th deadline. Mana Health placed first, iHealthNY second, and MyHealthProfile third. The design challenge has now concluded.

This statewide patient portal project can be seen as an extension of the work the Federal Government has done with the Blue Button initiative—which improved care coordination for veterans by giving them easy access to their health data. NYeC has proudly taken the Blue Button Pledge. Visit http://www.healthit.gov/pledge/ to learn more.

NYeC is now working with a vendor to build the portal and run it on behalf of the state on its health information exchange network. The Patient Portal for New Yorkers will begin to be available to the public in 2014, with the hope of better, more empowered healthcare for all.

Visit patientportalfornewyorkers.org to learn more.