What We Do

Policy & Governance

As new technology grows, policies and standards must be put into place to ensure that personal health data are used only in a secure manner and for appropriate purposes. NYeC works to facilitate the governance of the SHIN-NY through several committees, which include representatives from hospitals, RHIOs, HIEs, healthcare practices, and more. These individuals work alongside NYeC and the New York State Department of Health in what is called the Statewide Collaboration Process, an open, transparent, consensus-driven process to develop policies, standards, protocols, and technical approaches to protect the public’s privacy and security.

NYeC and the NYS DOH have established several multi-stakeholder groups that include the Strategy Committee, Policy Committee, Provider Forum Steering Committee, and Consumer Forum Steering Committee, representing key constituents across the state.

In addition to these committees, consumer and provider focus group forums are planned with the intention of capturing the opinions of a broader audience. These focus group forums help inform the SHIN-NY product and services development. NYeC seeks also public comment on the Statewide Policy Guidance, program initiatives, and service plans.

About the Statewide Policy Guidance

The Statewide Policy Guidance (SPG) is the vehicle for ensuring the safety and security of health information exchange in New York State, framing policies and procedures that are developed through the collaborative process. These collective efforts have resulted in the implementation of standard privacy and security practices by regional HIEs and their participants and in technical approaches and standards that advance the goal of a statewide network for health information exchange (SHIN-NY), where health information can be shared securely across RHIOs and Qualified Entities. New York relies on adherence to these policies at a community level. The Statewide Policy Guidance (SPG) includes:

QE Privacy and Security Policies and Procedures V3.0