What We Do

Regional Extension Center

To ease the transition from paper-based to electronic health records, we provide consulting and training services for healthcare providers through our Regional Extension Center (REC) program.

At the NYeC REC, we offer guidance from adoption of new technologies, all the way to achieving Meaningful Use. We can provide guidelines for how to go about selecting the right software and hardware vendor for your practice, and help you and your colleagues make any necessary changes for a smooth transition to electronic health records. 

There are currently two Regional Extension Center programs in the state: The NYeC REC serves the upstate region and Long Island. NYC REACH (New York City Regional Electronic Adoption Center for Health) serves the five boroughs of New York City.

The NYeC REC works with local partner organizations to provide outreach support to providers. If you are interested in receiving services from the REC, you can contact your local outreach partner directly, or contact NYeC at recinfo@nyehealth.org and we’ll connect you with the right agent.

From EHR adoption, to Meaningful Use and beyond: NYeC will get you there.